Friday, March 27, 2015

Status: Alive

The blog has been neglected lately. which I could profusely apologize for, and make up a plethora of excuses about, or I could just make like Elsa from "Frozen" and Let it Go.  Yup!  Just going to Let it Go!  

I had a 10 (ish?) day binge where I was in the midst of a deep depression that I dug myself out of by spending every single day and/or night doing something music related with Presley.  This included a HUGE St. Patricks Day event in which Presley sang at, which had over 3,000 people in attendance, and we spent nearly 15 hours at the event!
The stage being set up
I also had my first EVER green beer on St. Patricks Day!  I know, I know!  I waited far too long!

At most venues, I prefer to watch the show from the side of the stage, because the shows just get so crowded.  Also, if I watch the show from the side of the stage, I can just set my purse down on the side of the stage and freely dance around!  It's a win-win situation, without a crowd!

However, for the past week, my life has been completely different.  I've been anything BUT the best friend of a musician.  I've been on "Mommy Duty" for the past week while my nieces father is out of town for work, and her mother is out of town on vacation.  Let's get one thing straight over here.  I am not, and I repeat NOT a morning person.  So when I learned that my father would be out of town ALL week, and I'd have to get Danica to and from school every day, a part of me inside wept like a baby, and my alarm clock looked like this.

Don't hate on me, I always set me alarm times on odd minutes.  Always!  In addition to getting up at these early times, I've been asleep by 9 p.m. every night because, Danica, has slept in my bed with me every single night!  I'll tell ya what folks, there is nothing in this world like being kicked in the stomach and back by a 5 year old all night long!  You get SO MUCH REST!  Everyone should try it out!

In addition to taking and picking up Danica to school, which equals an hour in the car with her each day. (Two hours total.)  That equals an hour a day of listening to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" on repeat.  I'm quickly becoming a hater of that song.  Yes, a hater, who is going to hate, hate, hate!  Danica and I also have to conquer the tasks of eating, bathing, and homework each day.  

I also have to deal with the daily breakdowns of it's too cold outside, it's too hot outside, she doesn't want to: (eat certain food, wear that shirt, wear those shoes, have her hair done that way....)

All in all though, as tiring as this past week has been, we still have 4 more nights to go, and we are going to make the best of it and have a great time.  At 5.5 years old, there are only a limited amount of days left when hanging out with your Aunt will be something cool to do.  I will cherish every moment!

I'll see you when I regain my sanity!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Let's make a list!  I've been awake for only 24+ hours straight now, so I figured the least I could do was compose some sort of blog post pertaining to the number twenty-four.  Something like a list, 24 random tidbits that are going on lately?  Heck yes!  THIS GIRL LOVES MAKING LISTS!!!!

  1. We had us some beautiful weather here in Texas!  It was 81 degrees, rolling with the windows down, and blasting Bruno's "Uptown Funk" (That's my current jam!) thing ya know....we had 5 inches of snow and crazy sleet/ice, which kept us at 43 straight hours under the freezing mark, and me quarantined to the house.

    The sleet came before the snow..
    And after the snow...
    This was pre-snow.
  2. I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan.  He does "Thank You Notes" on his Late Night show.  A couple weeks ago, I was at my friend Jordan's house, and upon his coffee table found this book, which he let me have!  I've read it cover-to-cover, with many chuckles!  I'm now reading Chelsea Handler's latest book.  I love her work, as well!

  3. Can't stop.  Won't Stop.  LOVING on Ed Sheeran!  Seriously, enough said!
  4. Has anyone else gotten anything from the Cinderella Collection by Lauren Conrad at Kohls yet?  I went up to Kohls Sunday morning and purchased one of the skirts that I fell in love with!  Today is supposed to be 64 degrees, and I'm thinking it may be high time for this lovely skirt to make it's magical appearance!
  5. Movies I've recently purchased include:  Beaches, Memento, The Good Son, and U-Turn.
  6. I have a new favorite Tumbler!  It's great at holding coffee so far, but when the weather gets nice and the evenings are nice enough to enjoy a drink on the patio, I have a feeling I'll be enjoying some mixed drinks from it!
  7. I used to have an obsession with gummy bears, but then I quit cold turkey...unfortunately, I have relapsed.
  8. Does ANYONE here use SnapChat?  I just joined (literally!) yesterday and have become OH! SO! ADDICTED!  So, add me.  I'll send you pictures of stupid stuff like....oh, I don't know, me sitting on the couch, my backyard, my fireplace.  The possibilities are endless!  My SnapChat name is: HelloJanetLynn.
  9. I joined a gym.  Who am I?
  10. Danica saw some of my coffee in the pantry last week while getting her step stool out, and she yelled out, "HEY JAN!  I found your coffee!"  Girl knows my priorities!  
  11. Also, that same night, we had a polka dot pajama party...we had to take a picture!
  12. This weekend is going to be amazingly fun, as Danica AND Adrian will be here.  Seeing they haven't seen each other since early December, and each ask about the other constantly, this is going to be the best reunion in the world!
  13. Natalie is on a cruise right now.  SO JEALOUS!  I told her pale, freckled self that if she comes home more tan than I am, our friendship is over...I'm 110% confident our friendship is completely safe!
  14. I know tomorrow and possibly Thursday, I will be quarantined to the house due to weather, and I have errands to do, but seriously...I just don't want to!  I've already gotten a ton done here at home and don't even feel like getting dressed and facing the real world!
  15. Is it July yet?  I need a good dose of cousins, Aunts, and Uncles in Buffalo!
  16. One word for this one, it's an answer to a question someone asked, and only about 3 people in the world know the question, so if you're reading this, the answer is: Target.
  17. On tap for this weekend with the kids involves two movies Danica has been dying to see: The Lego Movie and Big Hero 6.  I'm going to go buy them today.  Everything is AWESOME, y'all!
  18. Happy National Pancake Day!  Goto IHOP and get your free pancakes...or go in the middle of the night like I did when just you and your friends are there, pay for them, and have a GREAT time!
  19. This is one of the most gorgeous sunsets I've recently witnessed.

  20. Now playing on the iPod: Dave Barnes- Mine To Love
  21. One of my (plethora of) cousins may be coming here next month.  WAHOOOOO!  
  22. I got a letter in the mail Saturday stating my neurologist, Dr. Brain, is retiring.  This angers me, because he's one of the few doctors I actually trust and has gotten me on a great neurological path.  Finding a new doctor is going to be a pain, but I think I'm going to stay in the same practice, and see where it gets me.
  23. I got scolded by Presley last night for not having a hat/beanie of any kind on my head while outside in the cold (40 degrees) weather.  He also asked me if "My Mother let me walk out of the door like that?" (Sans hat.)  I love that he has my health on his mind, and always has my back, like a big brother, and sometimes it's just flat out hilarious!
  24. Time SPRINGS ahead this weekend!  Wahoo for extra daylight!!!

I hope you've enjoyed these random ramblings.  I now have errands to run, and a couple of movies to watch!  Enjoy and SMILE!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday, I am fading

Today is Tuesday, and if you can tell by the post title, I am definitely fading, and sadly, using an Ashlee Simpson song lyric.  What is this world coming to?

I also noticed today when I switched from the Echofon app to the Twitter app on my iPhone that Ryan Cabrera, who is Ashlee Simpson's ex-boyfriend, re-tweeted one of my tweets back in January, and one and just favorited one of my tweets right now.  The initial tweet was a picture of us back in 2003!  Have I lost you yet?  Great!  I've lost myself, as well.

Anyways, it started sleeting here sometime Sunday, and by the time all was said and done around lunchtime yesterday, we had about a solid inch of ice on the ground here in Dallas!  You know that means that Dallas was 110% shut down yesterday and again today.  

Yesterday by about 11am, we had the house completely clean, and my mother and I were on the couches watching The Fault In Our Stars followed by Mr. Brooks.  We almost watched Frozen, however, we had decided that we had seen it far too many times with the little people, and would wait until one of them were around to view it yet again.

Also, by noon yesterday, my best friend Natalie had been eagerly texting me complaining about her inability to get out and go get Starbucks.  I was shocked to receive texts from her this morning, seeing as she made it an entire day without coffee.  Her main complaint today was that Chick-Fil-A was not open this morning.  (Starbucks was though!!!!)  

Side note:  Why do you ONLY want Chick-Fil-A when they are on Sunday??

Getting back on topic!  Tonight we are supposed to get 4 inches of snow, which means, the majority of the Dallas area will be closed yet again tomorrow.  I'll have some more Netflix binging to do, all I'll for sure be knocking on every.sngle.door! in my house and then singing loudly "Do you want to build a snowman?" in a very off-pitched,  annoying tone.  

I may not make it out of this storm alive...literally, if I start singing!

Someone save me!  Or send cookies!  

Cookies would be nice.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Branson, China, and the Middle of Nowhere....

Before I really begin this post, I should start off by stating you know me REALLY well if you know where the title of the post is derived from.


This is a post that has been circulating in my mind for almost two weeks now, however, I had been, and quite honestly, am still having a bringing words to light.

Friendships are a valuable thing, something that you never want to lose.  Even when someone you consider to be more of a family member than a friend has an amazing opportunity for their career, you want to best for them, but you don't.

I'm stuck in this rut where Presley has job (excellent!) opportunities in Branson, Missouri, and in China.  Both jobs are music related, of course, and would be excellent for his career, but the selfish side of me just doesn't want him to leave. 

I know this sounds 110% selfish, however, I would absolutely hate for our friendship to go from seeing each other multiple times per week, to a texting and phone call (in Branson) or iChat/Skype (in China) relationship.  Texts, phone calls, video chatting doesn't and will never compare to hanging out in person.
I mean, who will I go sunglasses shopping with?  Who will give me their HONEST opinion and tell me that pair of sunglasses looks HORRIBLE on me?  I mean, not the pair in the picture above...I absolutely bought those, because they look AMAZING on me, and I rock them, but Presley always speaks the truth!

ALSO, who am I to call moments after I total my car saying I'm in route to the emergency room, an hour from home, and will need a ride home?  Also, while doped up on pain medication in the emergency room, who is going to be the one who sings for me, just because I ask them to?

Shopping at Walmart at 5:00am, post ER was also quite fun, since, we were both sleep deprived, and I was high as a kite.  I'm quite sure I told you this at the time, however, if you ever give up music, I'm sure Santa would let you be one of his Elves, because you did look quite handsome!

If you leave, what'll be the use of me keeping a pair of extra sunglasses in my car, incase you don't have any for when you show up at a gig without any?  

Who will save me from my absolute boredom, 90% of time?

I've got a long list of Starbucks lovers, and I'm so very glad that you're at the top of the list of Starbucks lovers right along with myself, Marissa, and Taylor Hanson! 

If you decide to stay here, in the Middle of Nowhere, I promise to allow you to call me Jeanette, without me calling you the name you hate me calling you!

However, I want what is best for you, and for your musical career.  I want you to pray about this.  Think about what you would be leaving behind.  Not only me, (insert cheesy, large, obnoxious smile here!) but your friends, and your family, especially Byrdi Mae.  Think about the birthdays and the holidays that you will not be able to attend.  With my brothers job, I've realized how important those things actually are. 

Believe in your faith, trust in what God tells you to do, and remember that I love you, always.
Our first picture.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Just a blip...

  • My life has been nothing but odd lately.  I've been feeling healthy and then sick, and then healthy and then sick.  I think it has something to do with the roller coaster weather here in Texas.  Today the high is 46, and by the end of the week, the highs will be in the 70's.
  • After the never ending healthy/sick battle with my body, I finally had enough last week and went to the Minute Clinic.  They did a strep test, and tested me for the flu.  Thankfully, all tests came back negative, and I was just diagnosed with a virus.
  • I had Danica here for the weekend.  She's 5, going on thirty, and spent the entire weekend telling me how she is "almost 6!"  
  • My mom and I took her to see Paddington at the movies Saturday morning.  She liked the movie and wanted to go see it again on Sunday.  She also enjoyed nearly an ENTIRE bag of popcorn, with little help from me and her Nana eating it.
  • I haven't seen my best friend in over a week, and it feels soooooo strange!
  • I watched The Pursuit  of Happyness the other night.  It really got me thinking.  If Will Smith's son was 9 years old in the movie, why was he in day care, and not in school?  Seriously, THESE are the things that keep me awake at night!
  • Another thing that keeps me awake at night is when my 5 year old niece is kicking my ribs!  That is until the cat jumps in bed and she rolls over to sleep by "her kitty"
  • I'm in a deep Heart vs. Heart battle.  It's not everyday that a friendship that is nearly 20 years old has the possibility of evolving into something more.  However, in the past couple of weeks, it seems as if it slowly has been.  Do I want to jump into it, and go for it all, and possibly fall?  Or do I just want to take a step back?
  • I found out our family is having a family reunion up in New York in July!  I can't wait to go back up and visit, this time for a good reason, unlike last summer!  Even more exciting is Danica is coming with us.  She finally gets to meet a LOT of her extended family!  I get so excited thinking about it!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Mind....

My mind is in an absolute jumble.  Last week was an absolute train wreck of a week.  I attempted to blog about it, but after sitting down in front of my laptop, I only got 3 sentences in after about an hour.  
To summarize, there was death, a reoccurrence of cancer for a good friend, and a birthday of a friend, who is now in Heaven.  It was emotionally draining, to say the least.  
This week has been full of unseasonably warm weather, which has now turned into cold and rainy at the blink of an eye, which has just left me feeling like.....disgusting!
It's gotten to the point where I've been neglecting returning telephone calls and text messages, which is so very unlike me.  I'm normally very on top of my game, however, as of late, talking on the phone or replying to a simple text message have seemed very low on the totem pole on my list of things to do.
Then again, there are some text messages I have been responding to.  I should explain, in my life, when it rains, in any form, it pours.
I date.  I try not to become too attached to anyone at any point.  Due to my medical issues, I somewhat feel...inadequate in a relationship.  It's a very odd feeling to have, but a completely real feeling that I have.
Feeling crappy the majority of the time, I find it difficult to hold onto relationships.  Rather it be a friendship or a romantic relationship, it can be difficult.  I do hold myself responsible for the downfall of relationships, it's not all the other persons fault, and yet, it isn't all my healths fault, either.  It can be that...I have days where I just don't care to fight for the relationship.
I gave up on a relationship last fall.  Perhaps, it was just going too quickly, where everything just seemed too perfect.  The smile on my face was a permanent accessory at that time and to hell with anyone who was going to attempt to steal it from me.  I stole the smile from myself, and ended the relationship, leaving him in the dark months ago.
Recently though, he took the first step and sent me a text message, stating that he's been thinking about me a lot lately.  To be honestly, he had been on my mind a lot as of late, for some reason, so the texting frenzy had begun.  
As of today, the texting between the two of us has been non-stop, and it's as like we never stopped talking to begin with.  We have discussed getting together to talk in person, over a meal, however, nothing it set in stone yet.  
My mind is frazzled.  He knows my medical history, my trials, my fears, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  I think I'm going to give this another shot.  My heart is saying yes, and that is what I should trust the most.
My mind is just so jumbled, just like this blog post!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five on...Thursday??

Thanks to Maegen over at The Modern Tulip, I've decided to do a "Five on Thursday" instead of a "Five on Friday."  Thanks for the idea, Maegen.  Also, if you haven't checked out her blog, you totally should!  She is a beautiful lady expecting her first child in March!  I'm so excited to read her blog each day, and can't wait until her son, Maddox, arrives.  With the stellar looking parents he has, he's bound to be one handsome fella!


On New Year's Day, I had the most fun Skype session EVER!  It was between myself and my niece, Danica.  My brothers girlfriends' daughter, Kosca was also there with Danica.  Danica made this perfect face right as I snapped a picture of my laptop screen.  
Please excuse how horrid *I* look!


On Monday afternoon, I finally got a new car!  I got a brand new, 2014 Ford Focus.  It's beautiful, rides beautifully, and I love it!


Sweet Danica, who is five, and in kindergarten, was home from school sick on Tuesday.  Albeit not feeling well, she took time out of her morning of resting to draw me a picture.  For those of you that don't understand the art of five year olds, she drew me with my cat, under a cloud and the sun, on some grass.  She also wrote "I <3 U" on the top, "So (she) doesn't have to say it anymore.


This song came on my radio last night and totally made my day.  I texted my friend, Zach, this image with the text, "This is happening right now!" and his response was "Don't go, Jason!"  I nearly died laughing.  C'mon now, we ALL misheard the lyrics back in the mid-90's!


We all love photos of sunrises and sunsets.  I mean, who doesn't?  The magical work of God is absolutely amazing!  It's just...crazy beautiful!  Sorry to disappoint, as I'm not giving you a photo today of a sunrise, nor sunset.  Instead, I'm giving you a skyline photograph.  I took this photograph Tuesday evening, from the porch of my friends Adrian and Jacob's house.  In the foreground, which due to the darkness and fogginess, is barely visible, is the Trinity River.  In the background is Downtown Fort Worth.  This photo is completely unedited and worth WAY more than 1,000 words!

I just love he rawness of this photograph.  I love the contrast between the dark sky and the green grass with the city lights in the middle.  I've stood in this exact location numerous amounts of times and never even thought to take a photograph of it.  I've seen this view during the day and at the middle of the night when the entire world seems to be asleep.  It is always breathtaking and I hope to take many more photographs similar to this!

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