Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To Be With You

Everyone has said it.  Our friends.  My parents.  My siblings.  My nieces.  

I've heard the same questions an uncountable amount of times.  Is that your boyfriend?  Is he your husband? 

He gets the same questions and comments.  Is she your wife?  Oh, is that your girlfriend?  You two are such an adorable couple!

Sure, there is one club we frequent that is quite shady, where we always tell people we are a couple, therefore, the both of us eliminate having to spend the evening getting hit on by creepy individuals.

Otherwise, we are just friends.

However, the last few weeks, things have just...felt different.  I've spent a great deal of time praying about it, as he has really inspired me to find my Faith.  It's no secret that he and I spent a plethora of time together, and spend the night at each others house quite often.

On Monday, he and I were having a lazy day, and ended up napping in my bed, together, for the first time.  When we sleep at the same location, we never sleep in the same bed.  It's just not how we roll, and it has NEVER happened, until Monday.

Later that night, we were driving to go get a midnight snack, I put my hand on the armrest in the car instinctively, and moved it over a bit due to a water bottle in the cup holder.  The next thing I knew, he and I were holding hands, nonchalantly.  Our conversation didn't skip a beat at all.

It felt so right.

When we got back to my house, we put a movie on and both climbed in my bed to eat and watch the movie.  After we ate, he just laid back and fell asleep, as did I.

A couple of hours later, as I tiredly opened my eyes, I noticed my head wasn't on my pillow, but it was on his chest and our hands were joined together, fingers intertwined.  

Slowly, I removed my hand from his, and rolled off of his stomach, back onto my side of the bed, as not to disturb him.

He awoke earlier than I, and I felt him climb out of the bed and cover me with the blankets as to ensure I was warm enough.  

All was completely normal between the two of us during the day.  

I don't know how much longer this game can persist.  A conversation may need to be initiated, however, a friendship does not need to be ruined in the process.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

You say Catch Up...I say Mustard!

Wow!  Time has surely flown by since I've logged into Blogger!  Actually, that's not the absolute truth, I've logged in, and written a couple of partial posts, and later realized who lame they were, so quickly deleted them.

Perfectionism, or lack there of, can be a mind killer!

I'm extremely excited that in a mere few hours, my brother is coming home!  He works out of town and does a month on, a month off.  However, this time, he had to had to return to work early, so it's been 38 days (Not like I count or anything!) since I've seen him.  

Goodness Gracious, it has been a LONG 38 seemed more like 83 than 38, but he's only a mere teeny tiny few hours from being home!


Even though my brother is coming home today, there will be no rest for the weary.  And my weary, I consider myself to be the weary one, even though it may be a close competition between the two of us!

Saturday we will be celebrating my brothers birthday, which was back in May, and the birthday or his girlfriends daughter, whose birthday was earlier this week.  Birthday parties are always fun, however, DOUBLE birthday parties are double the fun!  
And now she is nine!

Let's also establish the fact that I've yet to begin to even think about purchasing gifts for these two amazing people in my life.  I'd also like to take out this one special little girl who loves her Daddy, so she can pick out something just for him!
Her and her Daddy were watching a movie
I should get thinking about the perfect gifts!  Some people are just far too difficult to shop for and it really makes you put a thinking cap on, whilst attempting to be creative!


I went to Tulsa last month for a long weekend.  I ate my favorite food in the world:
With one of my favorite people in the world:
Out of the 10 people photographed with me here, I drank beers with five of them!
I'm on the far right.
I also captured this awesome photograph around sunset with thousands of good friends of mine:


The new season of Orange Is The New Black begins tonight at 2am my time....I pray I can stay awake late enough to at least catch a couple episodes.  I've only been waiting a YEAR for season three to begin!


My little boyfriend is spending the night Saturday!  I can't wait!


What do you have going on in your life?  What are you looking forward to?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life as we know it...

This is just going to be a quick update, full of some mumble jumble and all that jazz.  
Life as we know it, especially for me, can go from cool and calm to absolute bat shit crazy insanity  in the drop of a hat!
As I'm preparing to head to Tulsa this weekend to see TONS of friends, with the added bonus of seeing my favorite band in the world, (Hanson!) life has gone from melancholy to mad in the blink of an eye.
One day, I'm watching Danica pour buckets of water on her head...
and being extremely serious with Adrian,
and the next day?  Life pulls a cheap trick to al involved, storms sweep through, and you wake up to something like this.

The high winds of north Texas knocked down my fence!  As much as I enjoy open concept living, having had the open concept backyard for nearly a week now is something I do not love!  It's kind of cramping my style of random dance parties in the backyard with the IPod in my ears!  I'm fairly confident that is something my neighbors wouldn't enjoy seeing, in the least.

Also, waking up at 7:00 a.m. to tornado sirens on Mother's Day is less than an ideal way to wake up.  I am FULLY aware that I am NOT a Mother, however, my Mother didn't like the siren alarm clock, either.  I should note here, that I may have won daughter of the year by going straight back to bed after the sirens ended.  Yes, I am THAT AWESOME of a child!

However, all the bad, insane, crazy, has passed by.  It is STILL raining here in Texas, and it feels like it may NEVER end.  However, I managed to have an awesome trip to Tulsa, which I should get a post up about...soon!

And if you know what "SOON" means in my land....ehh...I guess I should get rolling on that post right now!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Four - Twelve- Eleven

*I know this post is nearly two weeks late.  Blame it on the surgery I am still recovering from, and every day life.  Nevertheless, it still had to be posted!*

Oh my sweet Adrian!  Today you are FOUR!  Where do I even begin with this post about you?

I look at photographs of you at your current age and photographs of you from mere hours and days old and see the exact same child, which is so odd.  I've never seen an adult toddler who looks exactly the same as they did the moment they were born.  It blows your Aunt Janet's mind!

Is a four year old still considered a toddler?  To protect my heart, please say yes!

Four years and 39 minutes old.
I could go on and on for days about how physically attractive you are.  You're such a handsome young man.  You are surely destined to break many hearts in the future.  The first heart you will probably break will be mine, since at times you won't answer when I call you by "Adrian!"  No sir, you turn around, look at me, and say "Call me 'Boyfriend!'"  This made my heart swell with even more love for you when it happened a few weeks ago when you visited me in the hospital.  It made all of my worries about the upcoming surgery disappear and I just laughed. 

The night before your birthday, Presley and I were out and about buying your birthday presents, talking all about you and all of your handsomeness.  We narrowed it down to the top (look wise) three characteristics about you, with an honorable mention, because Presley had never noticed the number one, until I pointed it out the next day to him.

Adrian and Presley, on your birthday!
The Honorable mention, is the gap in your two front teeth.  He and I just both think it's so cute and you!

3.  Goes straight to those dark eyes that I love more than this world!

2.  I love your dimples!
1. Is strange, but my favorite!  I love how your inner ear is heart shaped.
Honestly? I love looking at it when you're asleep.
You're the funniest guy around and you always keep me on my toes.  You are in love with trains, but what do you love more than trains?  GARBAGE TRUCKS!  You own so many garbage trucks, that when I asked what you wanted for your birthday, you stood up tall and proud and said "You can bring me a garbage truck!"  I obliged and brought you a brand new garbage truck to your birthday party, which made your eyes light up and my day was absolutely made!  You also have this habit of chasing me down for another hug and kiss when I'm leaving your house, which is totally cool with me, but last weekend, I left and you ran into the street to get to me, and nearly gave me a heart attack, which wasn't so very cool, yo!
Not only are you tall, you're smart.  As in, you are IQ tested like a year and a half above your age.  I mean, I'd already come to terms with the fact that I'll have to stand on a chair to discipline you within the next few years, but you can already outwit me and con me into getting just about whatever you want.  You want another cupcake?  I just said no, but flash that smile with those big eyes, and you can have seven more if you'd like!  In fact, let me go buy you some ice cream to go with those cupcakes!
(Messy!) Cupcakes on the actual birthday!
You and Danica still are the best of friends!  You had an awesome playdate here a few weeks ago where I got a few great pictures of the two of you!  This one is my new screensaver on my phone, and it just makes me smile every time I click on my phone on!
Although this picture just makes me laugh every single time I look at it....

I love you, Adrian.  You make me smile, you make me laugh, and at times, you make me cry while smiling and laughing.  You've brought my joy and happiness.  I can't wait to see what the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years bring.  Your future is incredibly bright, just like your smile.  

Your smile and giving soul fulfill my heart and I can't imagine my life without you!  Happy (belated) Fourth Birthday, Adrian!  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


While Danica's father was away at work, and her Mother and Step-Father were out of the country, it was a great honor to have Danica come stay with us for nearly two weeks.  I loved snapping photographs along the way.  

On the first day I picked her up from school, one of the children approached me asking if Danica was really a Princess that lived in a Castle!  As to be the "cool" Aunt, I just looked at the little girl and smiled and said "Why yes, she lives in a Castle!  Every Princess does!"  Just then, she ran over to me, dropping her backpack on the ground and said, "You can carry this!  Let's go!"  I knew two could play this game, so I stated, "Excuse me, Princess Danica, Your Majesty, I believe you can carry your own backpack, Ma'am!"  She looked at me in awe for a moment, and then picked up her bag, and made her way for the car.  As soon as I was loading her into the car, I asked her if she'd been telling all of her friends she was a Princess, she just smiled at me and said, "Of Course!"  The Royal joke went on every time I went to pick her up between myself and her caretakers after school.

Danica decided on her first weekend here that it was Presley's birthday and we just HAD to bake him brownies for his birthday.  We even had decorations.
She declared it his 15th birthday.

One day, I told her to just smile, so I could take a picture for her Daddy and got his gem.
Danica the Diva
Beyond that, there were tons of other cute photographs that were captured...

6:30am Shenanigans 

Milk, Makeup, and Cheese

Off to School!

Danica and Olaf

We put on a concert!

An outline of Presley, by Danica

Danica the Mermaid, by Presley

It was an amazing twelve days with such a sweet, kind hearted niece of mine.  The icing on the cake though, came last Monday night, when my nephew Adrian came over for dinner, and the two peas were put back their pod.

These two are my entire being.  I love them with every fiver of my being, with every single beat of my heart.  Each hug and kiss from them is stored in my memory and eternally treasured.  I'm so blessed to be their Aunt.
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