Monday, July 21, 2014

Is a "Post title" a requirement?

As I type this post up, I'm currently sitting on a dark balcony on the 4th floor of a condominium in Destin, Florida, listening to waves crash into the beach from the Gulf of Mexico.  They have shut off all of the exterior lighting for the night, so the only light you can see is coming from the interior of other units, and from the lights of flashlights of those wandering the beach at this hour.

There is truly nothing more relaxing than the soft breeze from the Gulf of Mexico and the sound of the waves crashing into land.  I (very shortly) contemplated actually sleeping out back, hunched over in a chair, just for the relaxing breeze and calming sounds.  I think my very uncomfortable and VERY squeaky bed is going to win the battle though!

Today, (Monday) was my second full day on the beach, and I've already gotten quite dark with a little red mixed in here and there.  I've taken many a long walk on the beach, and today alone, by my calculations, I figured I logged in at least 5 barefoot, sandy miles!

With my Chiari 1 Malformation, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis, usually even one single mile, in comfortable sneakers is tough for me.  At the current moment, every ounce of my body is sore and tender, most definitely my feet.
Destin, Florida
July 21, 2014
8:00 am
I'm one of those people that hates to complain, and hates to ruin another persons great time, so I've been dealing with the pain myself, however, tonight, it was getting quite difficult to even walk, yet alone stand.  I'm just hoping and praying that when I awake in the morning the pain will have subsided enough for me at least to make it down to the beach for the day!

Tomorrow is our last day here in paradise before we embark on the 11 hour journey back home Wednesday morning.

One! More! Day!  One more day of pain.  I can do this!  I can!  I'll just chant my chant in my head as I painfully walk tomorrow!

"I'm a fighter!  I'm a survivor!  I'm a warrior!"
Destin, Florida
July 21, 2014
7:10 pm

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spillin' the Beans....

  • Since I don't feel like composing actual paragraphs at this moment in time, I feel as if bullet point style is the way to go.  Maybe I'll just keep it going like this from now on.  
  • I'm here to formally spill the beans that my family and I are leaving for a 5 day vacation in roughly 62 hours to Destin, Florida! (!!!)
  • Okay. so it's not ALL of my family.  JM and Adrian aren't coming with us.  Sadly, they are on their own vacation in Colorado right now, so while they are going to be returning from the mountains late Saturday, we will be leaving for the beach (VERY) early Saturday.
  • Danica is completely excited about going to the beach.  She went with my Mom last night and got two new bathing suits, and tried to convince me that it was time to go to the beach THAT MOMENT!  
  • When Adrian was over a day last week, he was playing in the shower (with the water off) and pretending to shower.  It is one of his most favorite things to do nowadays, and this game could go on and on forever, if we'd allow it.  It's adorable, and hilarious!
    Pretending to shower.

    "Napping" in the shower.
  • Danica and I have also been having some fun as well.  A few weeks ago, my family cat, Serena, was pretty sick and had to go to the vet.  That afternoon, I picked up Danica for the day and had explained to her that she had to be VERY gentle with Serena because she was sick.  This is how it all turned out.
    First, Danica got Serena some water.

    Gave her a checkup.

    And even played and sung her a lullaby.
  • I'll tell y'all what, I by far have the best niece and nephew in the world!  I love them more than life itself, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have more packing to do, and more items to scratch off my to-do list before leaving for Florida!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh! So much to say!

This past week has been beyond crazy!
I woke up Wednesday morning to my mother telling me that my cat, Serena, had been acting lethargic and been urinating blood at that she needed a trip to the vet ASAP!  After getting her into a 9:15am vet appointment, we spent over two hours at the vets office to find out that she has a UTI, as well as a rather large bladder stone.  Of course, that was after z-rays, blood work, and lots of sitting around and waiting....OH!  As well as several hundred dollars later!
Now, sweet Serena seems to be on the mend after an injection of antibiotics as well as me giving her pain medication at home twice a day.  Thank goodness for that!
While at the veterinary clinic, I also found out that my cousins wife gave birth to their second daughter on Monday, July 1st.  She is having a few health issues and spent the first few days of her life in the NICU, but has since been moved to a regular room.  All prayers for this sweet, beautiful baby girl would be much appreciated!
Wednesday night, we were having a small, family birthday party at my house, and since vague SHOULD be my middle name, this is going to be VERY VERY vague, but it needs to be let out.
If you come into MY HOME, and verbally attack my family, my home is a place where you are no longer least in my eyes!  Saying that MY family is "corrupting" my own family was beyond out of line.  As well as saying something to the extent of a completely innocent person in the manner being YOURS and that we all need to get used to it?  Please give me a moment to laugh!  If by some chance you are reading this...please stand on your tippy toes to read the following, because you are short, (so am I, don't throw a pissy fit over it!)  
You, sweetheart, have NO RIGHTS OVER THIS PERSON!  The person we are speaking of is OUR BLOOD and NOT YOURS!  
Also,  two days later, posting a photo on Facebook with the caption "These are the children I love and raise. I am their Daddy."  
You are only the Daddy to one of those two children....YOUR CHILD!
Last night, my friend Collin and I went out to see a local band that my friend, AJ, is in.  Collin knows the majority of the band, after after last night, as do I.  After the gig, Collin had a get together at his house where about 30 people showed up.   Everything was all fine and dandy until about an hour or so into the party when the lead singer of the band mentioned that this guy had shown up to their gig that night.  A regular.  I really wasn't paying too much attention to the conversation as myself, AJ, and Collin were in the corner of the kitchen, munching on marshmallows and carrying on our own conversation.
All of a sudden, I heard the lead singer say "Yeah, I can't stand when he comes around...he's retarded and kills the whole vibe of the dance floor!"
The guys and I stopped talking as we heard that, and just listened, as Collin and I were completely clueless.  I guess this 'regular' has a mild case of down syndrome, and his mother drops him off at the gigs.  From what AJ tells me, he's a really nice guy, just looking to go out and have a good time every once and a while.  When Collin and I were dancing around last night, I actually did see the guy and actually danced with him for a while and had an amazing time!
What people don't know about ME though is I do have neurological issues.  Yes, my head twitches and I've gotten asked about it many of times.  It doesn't bother me at all.  Collin and AJ, of course, know about my health issues and knew how quickly the lead singers ranting of this man was getting under my skin.
I have zero tolerance for people picking on people with neurological issues!  ZERO!  Collin and AJ could see me turning more red by the second.  (Okay, this MAJOR sunburn I have doesn't help with the coloring!)  Collin and AJ, knowing I didn't want a scene caused quickly sprung into action as Collin took my hand and we went out back and put our feet in the pool, talking, while AJ was inside, defusing the situation.
A few minutes later, AJ came out and let us know all was clear.  He told Collin and I that he just told everyone that I take major offense to people speaking like that, and since we were at Collin's house, and I was Collin's guest, everyone needed to respect that.  Everything from that point on went smoothly!
The moral of that story is you need to respect other people.  You don't know what challenges they have faced or are currently facing.  It's not classy at all to go behind someones back and speak poorly about them when they have issues they can't control...especially when the person is harmless, supporting your career, and just out to have a good time.  
Everyone deserves to be able to go out and enjoy themselves, despite of physical limitations.  Quite honestly, I hope this guy shows up at the next gig I see AJ play.  I will dance my ass off with him!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can we talk about sports?

If you know me, you know that I'm a die hard baseball fan, and I love spending my Sundays on the couch during the winter cuddled up, watching football.  

When I lived in Albany, NY, I went to the minor league hockey games just about every single night, and even owned a flex ticket plan.  One of the teams hockey players even lived in the same building as I did and we became on a first name basis with each other.  While in Albany, I also attended a many minor league baseball games in the area.

As for basketball, I've always been quite iffy on the subject.  I tend to really turn into a 'die-hard' if one of my two teams make it into playoffs, otherwise, I don't focus on the sport all too much.

Soccer, or as some may refer to it, fĂștbol, is a sport I played for an entire single season when I was a wee lass and then gave it up as quickly as I picked it up.  My brother, the athletic one he is, played soccer very well growing up, and even played in an indoor league with some guys from work come his junior/senior year of high school. 

It wasn't until about a year ago when I acquired a pair of soccer tickets to the FC Dallas soccer game.   The stadium is just 5 minutes from my house and it seemed like a fun, free night out!  My friend Jason played soccer in high school, so he was the perfect person to take to the game.  As we sat in our seats, watching the game, Jason very patiently explained the game to me, in which, I realized it was a LOT like hockey.  I was kind of hooked.

We can leave out the parts where I was clearly yelling out hockey terms, such as "icing," causing Jason to give me strange looks and possibly want to abandon me at the stadium, but I digress!

And then, this past Sunday came along.  I was home alone, and the USA was playing Ghana and I was GLUED to the TV!  My ringing cell phone didn't phase me in the least, all that mattered to me was the soccer (errr fĂștbol) game on my television!

Tomorrow is the big day for USA vs. Germany!!!  I've already got the red, white, and blue swag picked out to wear for the 11a.m. game!  Now I just need to make the final decision on with whom to watch the big game with and where.  Or, do I want to watch it, home alone and keep the screaming contained and to the privacy of my own home.



It feels like as of late, the only kind of comprehendible post I can muster up is one bullet-point styled.  For some reason, it may be my favorite method of blogging, so, for today, I'm just going to roll with it, as per usual.

  • On my Blogger Stats page, it shows my page was viewed 796 times on Monday.  Please excuse me while I place my eyeballs back into my head, as this is a new (amazing!) record!
  • Natalie said 'Yes To The Dress' the day we were out dress shopping.  It was actually the SECOND dress she tried on, and she looks stunning in it!  I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle in just 157 days!
  • After Jess and I tried on about a dozen bridesmaid dresses, all of us girls didn't fall in love with anything, so Natalie went ahead and ordered our dresses online.  The dress that was chosen is  not yet available in-store, so I won't even know what it looks like on my body, until it arrives in early October.  Thank goodness we already have a lady booked for alterations so the dress will be ready with plenty of time to spare!
Very similar to the dress I'll be wearing.
COMPLETELY different color, though!
I also need to work on the tan, regardless!
  • Big Brother starts up again tonight....the 16th season!  I can not wait!  I know I'll be happily glued to my couch once 7:00pm rolls around this evening!
  • So, I just noticed today is 6 months until Christmas.  How exactly did that happen?  Time FLIES!
  • I just finished Emily Giffen's "The One & Only" -  SUCH an amazing book!  It was very much a page turner.  It was love and sports, so it very much was my thing!
  • This morning, I woke up to a text at 6:42 a.m. that began with "Good Morning, Beautiful!"  I have decided that this is one of the best ways to wake up in the world.  I don't think anything can really bring you down after getting a message like that!
  • I still need to upload pictures from my phone to my computer so I can send them to my friend from the other night.  He's messaged me a few times on Facebook a couple of times asking about these THREE pictures I took.  I'm thinking I'll just shock him, and post them for him in about, oh, a month!  Just randomly, out of the blue!  I'll just be like SURPRISE!!!
  • Also, I thought iCloud was supposed to automatically transfer the pictures from my iPhone to my Mac whenever both devices we're plugged in and on the same Wifi...or at least, they used to!
  • If you change the times around...the first line of "Love Somebody To Know" has been on my mind for a while.  It's kind of like..6-9 and 12-6.
  • Also, disbelieve really doesn't seem like a real word, however, I believe I have used it many times in my day to day conversation.  I'm just bringing it up now because it's used in the song "Love Somebody To Know."
  • I would love to chop off the majority of my hair right now, but I'm growing it out for Natalie's wedding.  I suppose I can get it cut, I just have to wait 158 days!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Change of Times

Although I haven't been a teenager in nearly a decade, times have defiantly changed.  Teenagers act, speak, and dress in a completely different manner than they did back when I graduated high school back in 2003.

For one, I couldn't imagine going somewhere with one of my parents and ever being glued to my cell phone (then or now) and totally ignoring them.  It is just completely rude.

I've also been out and seen some crazy things.  I'd been at the post office recently and seen a girl, no older than 8 years old with highlights in her hair.

There is also a rather popular blogger online whom I've followed for years now, the mother of a ten year old girl and a nine year old boy.  Her daughter currently has teal hair, while her son is sporting electric red hair.  Why do we allow this behavior?

Not too long ago, my parents and I went to eat lunch at Chili's, and there was this girl in a all black, head to toe.  She couldn't have been older than 15 and already had facial piercings and her short black skirt didn't leave much to the imagination.  (Slightly,) In her defense, she was wearing black fishnet panty hose!  My mother just kept commenting on how disgusting it was that she was wearing that and her mother obviously had no problem with it!

Skip ahead to Monday night.  My friend and I went to see 22 Jump Street.  While he and I were waiting in the hallway for the theater to open, we saw a teenage girl and her boyfriend come out of another theater hand in hand.  

The teenage boy was wearing jeans, a grey t-shirt and carrying a floral crossbody print bag, while the girl was wearing a tan t-shirt that revealed her stomach, the worlds shortest jean shorts, and flip flops. that again.  The boyfriend, because these kids were ALL OVER EACH OTHER, was carrying a FLORAL crossbody print bag!  My friend and I just stood there in a state of disbelief for a moment until we heard her say, "You better f*cking kiss me now, or I'll kill you!" to which he obliged.

Then, B and I just looked at each other and I spoke.

"Well, obviously SHE wears the pants in the relationship...or should I say...really short shorts that will likely give her a vaginal infection!"

"That was a given when he came out carrying the purse!"  B is male and all and has no perspective on short shorts.  "Those shorts are just trashy!  Is it even COMFORTABLE to wear shorts that short?"

I shrugged my shoulders at him.  "I couldn't tell you to be honest.  I think my parents would have murdered me if I ever tried to wear something like that!"

B smiled while rolling his eyes.  "Maybe, just maybe your parents should have taught their parents something!  I mean, he's carrying her purse!  I MAY allow you to wear the pants in this relationship we have, but you will NEVER catch me carrying your purse like douchey boy over there!"

I burst out laughing and then quickly replied.  "You just don't see that he's carrying the purse because if she carried it, it would be covering her body?  I mean, then she couldn't show off her stomach and her ass...and her girly bits!  The bag would block it all!"

"So if you dress like a complete whore, you have to have a guy in your life to carry your purse!?"


"If you ever stop dressing like you do, and start dressing like a whore, who demands I carry you're purse...I don't think we can be friends anymore...."

"I agree!"

"However, in the meantime, I think I'm going to get a man purse, you know with skulls and shit on it!"

"And I think I'll be seeing a LOT less of you then!"

"Except I'll make you carry it for me...while I wear short shorts!"

Friday, June 13, 2014

Not blogging...instead I've been...

  • Eating Cheetos (and enjoying them for the first time in my life!) like they are going out of style!
  • Polishing of all of the Swiss and Provolone cheese in my house in one sitting, and then contemplating whether or not to go buy more.  (Spoiler alert!  I didn't, yet!)
  • I officially accepted Natalie and Matt's invitation to be in their wedding this fall.  I feel so honored to be a part of their big day in just 169 days.
  • I only know how many days it is because Natalie neurotically asks me "How many days?" every few days.  Don't tell Natalie, but Google, you are a freaking life saver!
  • I've been attempting to get the background vocals of a certain song down for...literally...a decade now.  This song is by my favorite band, and I don't think the vocals are that difficult, and it's not even the vocals, it's more like the harmonies, and. it's just frustrating the living hell out of me!  The paragraph probably doesn't make sense to anyone, but, it feels SO! MUCH! BETTER! to have this off of my chest!
  • Orange Is The New Black is back!  I've watched 8 (I think?) of the episodes thus far and I'm so in love.  Taystee seems so different this season than last.  Am I the only one that feels this way?
  • I've been listening the "When I'm Sixty-Four" by The Beatles for the last two hours straight.  You all now know my favorite Beatles song, as well as that my love of the name 'Vera' in fact, did NOT come from Vera Bradley!
  • Tomorrow, I shall spend my day with Natalie while she tries on bridal gowns, and I try on bridesmaid dresses.  I'm already feeling the pain in this tedious task...(NOT my words!) but Natalie and I will make it a great time!
Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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